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Chin Lift

Butt Lift

Strawberry Laser is the Best Body Contouring and Weight Loss Device on the Market

Strawberry Laser is the only FDA approved body contouring device on the market for both safety and efficacy. It has been clinically proven to show better results than coolsculpting, I-Lipo, Sculptsure, Vanquish, Velashape, cavitation, traditional liposuction, and diet and exercise alone. Our advanced technology gives you the opportunity to contour and shape specific body areas while losing weight, tightening skin, removing cellulite, evening out skin tone, and starting your journey to a healthy lifestyle!

No Medications

Our program doesn’t require the use of medications or harsh appetite suppressants. We’ll recommend beneficial over-the-counter supplements which are only optional.

No Strict Diet Plans

During your first session we’ll give you suggestions on how to achieve optimal results with Strawberry Laser Treatments, but strict diet plans aren’t required to see results.

No Strenuous Exercise

During our program you’re only asked to participate in 20 minutes of light activity within 24 hours of each treatment. This can include walking, light jogging, or simple routine activities.

No Surgery Or Downtime

Strawberry Laser is non-surgical and completely pain free! Each laser will feel warm as light emits into the skin, leaving you to feel relaxed and soothed during each treatment.

Affordable Pricing


Contour specific areas of the body at any time. No contracts or commitments. Whether you're seeking Strawberry Laser, our Butt Lift, or Chin Lift, all treatments are $159. This is a good plan for clients receiving maintenance treatments, or for those who simply want to try it out!

$ 159

per treatment

Full Body Weight Loss Package

Best Value!

8 Abdomen Treatments

8 Thigh Treatments

8 Arm Treatments

4 Chin Lifts

4 Butt Lifts

1 Contour Area


Add 33 Treatments To Your Account and Use Them For Up To 1 Year On Any Desired Body Areas!

$ 2999 

Looking to conquer one or two body areas? Our monthly membership is $149 per month and requires a 3 month commitment. Your monthly fee includes any treatment of your choice, and with that, all additional treatments within that calendar month are only $99. This saves you $50 per treatment!

$ 99

per treatment after membership fee

Located Inside of The Beauty District at Norterra

19th Ave & Happy Valley Road