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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Are There Any Negative Side Effect?

There are no negative side effects of Strawberry Laser Treatments. During your treatment you will feel warmth where the paddles are applied. You may experience frequent urination post-treatment, but this is only a sign that your body is working hard to flush out all of the melted fat contents.

How Does The Lymphatic System Help Remove Fat Contents?

There are three ways byproducts of fat metabolism leave the body. When you sweat (water is excreted through your skin), urinate (through your kidneys), and breathe out (exhaling carbon dioxide through your lungs). This is why drinking plenty of water and conducting light activity is important following the release of stored fatty contents from Strawberry Laser.

How Does Strawberry Laser Affect Darker Skin Tones?

Individuals who have darker skin tones have a small chance of developing temporary hypo-pigmentation. Your technician will maintain a close eye to the areas being treated to try to prevent this reaction from occurring.

Will Strawberry Laser Ruin My Tattoos?

If you have a tattoo in the area being treated, there is a chance hyper-pigmentation (lightening) may occur which is permanent.

How Many Treatments Can I Have In One Session?

You can have up to 2 body areas done in one session.

How Often Can I Receive Treatments?

After receiving your first treatment you can receive follow up treatments 48 hours later as long as you are following our guidelines.

For the Strawberry Chin Lift, you must wait 11 days to have your second treatment. Due to the dramatic ongoing results of the StrawberryLift, you won't see the full results of each treatment for roughly 10 days. To prevent losing too much fat around your neck and jowl, you can decide whether or not you need a follow-up treatment once you've made it through this fat burning cycle.

Whether you've selected the full body package or wish to receive more than 8 treatments, you'll be required to take a 2-week break following your eighth treatment. This gives your body time to flush out any excess fatty contents and gives your lymphatic system time to reboot.

Will I See Results After My First Treatment?

You will see instant inch loss following your first treatment, though results will vary based on the individual. Results will continue to improve for multiple days post-treatment as your lymphatic system continues to remove the contents that were released from your fat cells by the Strawberry Laser. Drinking a lot of water following each treatment is crucial in order to achieve the full expected results. There isn't a one-size-fits-all answer, however, most clients will notice they've lost nearly 2 dress sizes on their fourth or fifth treatment, losing 3 to 4 dress sizes by their sixth or eighth treatment.

Is Strawberry Laser Really Better Than Other Devices?

Yes! Strawberry Laser is the only FDA-Approved inch loss device on the market. Results have been proven through clinical trials where various candidates received treatments from Strawberry Laser as well as competing devices such as Velashape, I-Lipo, Coolsculpting, Radio-Frequency, Cavitation, Sculpture, and Vanquish. Strawberry Laser's candidates demonstrated an average of 3.7" loss compared to the others which demonstrated a 0.5" to 1.6" loss.

What's The Difference Between Strawberry Laser and "Laser-Like Lipo"?

Strawberry Laser is very different than Laser-Like Lipo or Laser Light devices. Where Strawberry Laser uses advanced laser diodes, devices such as Vavazz doesn't which is why they're referred to as "laser-like". What's really being used on these devices are LED lights, making this alternative just as effective as if you were to wrap your body with Christmas lights. You will discover many cheap alternatives on sites like Groupon, but remember, they're priced much lower for a reason.

How Much Weight Can I Expect To Lose?

Since Strawberry Laser is a fat-targeting specific device, the scale most likely will not reflect the drastic results you'll see in the mirror. This is why we take before and after pictures so you can see the difference with your own eyes. Clients have reported an average of a 6 to 10 pound loss following their eighth treatment on up to 2 body areas. Clients who receive a full body package can expect to lose up to 20 pounds of pure fat loss. Losing fat while preserving lean muscle mass makes it much easier for our clients to keep the weight off following their last treatment!

Is Strawberry Laser FDA-Approved?

Yes! Strawberry Laser is the only inch loss device on the market that is FDA-Approved for the removal of stored fat cells.

Who Is Not A Good Candidate For Strawberry Laser?

While Strawberry Laser is meant for most body types, there are some cases where clients may not be a good candidate. Clients who have liver or kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, light-sensitivity, epilepsy, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or currently taking antibiotics are advised to speak with their doctor before starting our weight loss program. Individuals who have lymphatic disease, a pacemaker, have or have had cancer within the past year should not receive Strawberry Laser treatments.

Am I Too Overweight For This Program?

No! We work with all shapes and sizes! Men and women who have a BMI over 40 will be advised, however, to receive an additional treatment for each body area per session.

For example; Clients typically receive 2 ten minute treatments during 1 session to cover their abdomen unless they are short waisted and only require 1. Clients who are unable to receive full coverage within 2 treatments should receive 4 treatments consisting of ten minutes on both the upper and lower abdomen, and ten minutes on each side of the abdomen. If this applies to you, your Strawberry Laser technician will discuss your options with you during your first treatment.

I Lost Inches After My First Treatment, But Didn't After My Second. Why Is That?

At The Shape Shop, we only take your measurements following your first, fourth, and eighth treatment. There are many factors that could determine why you may witness better inch loss during your first session compared to your second session. Not drinking enough water, not getting enough light exercise, consuming foods high in sugar, consuming alcohol, constipation, or holding onto water weight are all reasons to consider if you decide to take your own measurements at home. Only by your fourth treatment will you be able to properly determine your inch loss progress and know what to expect by your eighth treatment. Weighing yourself each morning and taking your own measurements is highly encouraged to keep up the momentum!

How Do I Prevent The Weight From Returning?

Once you're finished with our program, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the fat and weight loss from returning. We recommend coming in for maintenance sessions once per month or until you feel comfortable maintaining your results on your own. We're here to help you achieve long-term success! Contacting us to ask for advice is always encouraged.

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