Strawberry Laser Benefits

Traditionally referred to as different variations of "laser lipo", "laser-like lipo", "body sculpting", or "body contouring"; Strawberry Laser Treatments are unlike many of these devices. These devices weren't designed for full body weight loss goals unlike the Strawberry Laser.

Many weight loss clinics encourage intermittent fasting or low calorie diet plans, but that could cause you to lose muscle mass, making your efforts more difficult once you leave the program. Due to Strawberry Laser's ability to strategically target stored fat cells, you will see better results when you look in the mirror than you will standing on a scale. That's why Strawberry Laser is also a perfect match for athletic individuals who wish to get rid of those last few imperfections without risking the loss of lean muscle mass.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or contour areas you can't eliminate with diet and exercise alone, Strawberry Laser treatments are a safe and easy approach to achieve any fitness goal.



The clinically proven, non-invasive laser treatment penetrates the skin to selectively target the fat cells underneath, leaving blood vessels, nerves, and other tissue undisturbed. When the fat cells absorb the energy from the lasers they release water, glycerol and free fatty acids. The harmless fat cell content is then removed from the body through lymphatic drainage, giving results that get better over time.


While everyone believes that cellulite is formed primarily due to weight gain, it can also be caused by two different factors - genetics and adipose tissue (fat that's stored in the thigh area). Cellulite on thighs occurs when fat-derived cells called adipose tissue becomes thicker and surrounds the connective tissues at the base of the muscle, creating a bump or dimple. The connective tissues are made up of collagen (which keeps skin firm), elastin (which makes skin elastic) and protein (which provide strength and elasticity).


Many people can suffer from excess collagen and fat deposits without even knowing it, but they don't have to live with structural cellulite for the rest of their lives. While a lot of the world views liposuction as the only option for the removal of structural cellulite, this is far from true, thanks to Strawberry Laser's innovative technology! This procedure has been proven to be effective in reducing fat and cellulite buildup on the thighs and other parts of the body, as well as tightening and firming the skin.



Adipocyte cells at rest.


Strawberry Laser energy irradiates, targeting the adipose cells.


Pores are formed on the adipose cells, allowing them to release its contents.


Water, glycerol, and free fatty acids are released from the adipocyte cells.


More water (blue), free fatty acids (green), and glycerol (purple) are released.


Adipocyte cells are dramatically reduced in size and the blood vessels remain unaffected.

What Are Adipocytes?

Adipocytes are located three layers deep beneath the skin inside of adipose tissue. Embedded in collagen fibers, it functions as a fuel tank for the storage of lipids and triglycerides.

What Is Adipose Tissue?

Adipose Tissue, also known as fatty tissue, is home to adipocytes and adipose cells. When you consume more than your body needs for energy, the remains are stored in the adipose tissue for backup fuel.

Your Lymphatic System

Once fatty acids, glycerol, and water are released from the adipocyte cells, your lymphatic system works hard to remove them. We provide tips on how you can help speed up this process.

The BIG Question


Scientific Explanation

When three fatty acids are joined by glycerol they form a triglyceride. Triglycerides are what make up stored fat. Once a triglyceride is formed it can't get out of the fat cell until it's broken back down into glycerol and fatty acids. Only when your body needs to access stored fat for energy is when the process of breaking down triglycerides occur. Strawberry laser substitutes this process through low-light laser energy, continuing to break down triglycerides during each treatment. Once these contents are removed from adipose tissue, however, it's possible for the cycle that created them in the first place to produce more stored fat. By consuming carbohydrates (glucose making machines) and excess calories, you're prompting your body to repeat this cycle.

Simple Explanation

Just like every other weight loss program such as medication weight loss, exercise programs, and custom meal plans, once you reach your goal you must continue making healthy lifestyle choices to prevent future weight gain. Most Strawberry Laser clients have reported results lasting roughly 12 to 18 months following their final treatment. Fortunately, during the Strawberry Laser process the fat cells are not permanently removed. With liposuction surgery comes the risk of seeing fat deposits appear in areas of the body you would least expect to if you gain weight post-treatment. This is because the fat cells are destroyed, leaving new fat production to find a new home. Strawberry Laser is by far today's safest way to jumpstart weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!